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Zaneen is an online marketplace for instructors to make money by selling courses in any subject – share your knowledge and make an income.



Earn money by creating an online course to

teach people in Iraq



  • Earn money every time a student purchases your course and get paid monthly by Zaneen.
  • Help people learn new skills and advance their careers by sharing your knowledge.



Become a qualified instructor in Iraq


How to start?


  1. Plan your course


  • What is your passion and knowledge? Choose a topic and plan your lectures in a document. Our team can provide with you with simple to follow guidelines.
  • Teach how you want — even create courses in Arabic and Kurdish and inspire more students.


Our team can provide with you with simple to follow guidelines and real examples.



  1. Record your video


  • Simply use a smartphone and add a microphone to film your first course from your home or wherever you happen to be.
  • Don’t want to be on camera? No problem. Use screencasting software, like Camtasia, to screencast your course material.


3. Finally, start earning! 


Our support team is always available to help and offers free review of your videos. You can even record your course in our office.




Zaneen is changing lives by connecting instructors

with learners in Iraq



Our help

We will support you through every step throughout your course creation. Use our guidelines and online resources to help you through the process.



Become an instructor today

Join Iraq’s largest online learning marketplace.


contact support@zaneen.io

As your strategic learning partner - our platform addresses the diverse learning needs of your organisation, no matter what size you are.


Your workforce wants to learn - Upskill your organisation today



87% of people learning for professional development report career benefits like getting a promotion, a raise, or starting a new career

Coursera Learner Outcomes Survey (2019)


Our Courses

Our content team curates high-quality, in-demand courses for businesses by measuring the following signals:

  • Course reviews and ratings
  • Number of enrolments
  • Qualitative feedback from learners
  • Instructor reputation
  • Relevance and demand for the course topic


Upskill your employees with virtual training

Empower your remote workforce to learn what they need, when they need it. Online learning from global experts across many subjects to help your employees do whatever comes next.


Continuous improvement

Our content team keeps a pulse on the local market. New courses are added weekly as new skills and demands emerge, while outdated courses are replaced or removed.


International content

Our range international training content is taught by globally recognised institutions.


Tailored learning experience

Zaneen can provide an authentic and tailored learning experience for your organisation. Our team will create your learning programs in a unique environment to your company.


Custom content

We can help create custom courses to streamline your onboarding, induction, and proprietary training.


Engaging content for employees 

We empower your learners to learn from fresh, high quality content on the skills that matter, taught by the world’s leading experts. We can add specific content as requested by our clients.


Quickly achieve learning outcomes

Create impactful and relevant learning paths to achieve the outcomes you want. We have the tools you need to unlock knowledge at your organisation.



A scalable training platform your organisation will love


  • High-quality professional courses
  • Access courses anytime, anywhere
  • Enable on-demand learning for everyone
  • Monitor and measure learning engagement
  • Give accurate insights to drive learning
  • Combine all your learning resources into a custom learning path


Enable employee development, propel engagement and retain top talent




  • Shareable certificates
  • Academic and technical support
  • AI-powered learning technology
  • Automate learning management
  • Gamification
  • 100% remote learning  



94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning - LinkedIn  


To enable anyone, anywhere in Iraq

to transform their life by accessing

the best learning experience


Zaneen is where learners come to learn the skills they need, to land the jobs they want, to build the lives they deserve.

Every course on Zaneen is taught by a subject matter expert, from local instructors, training providers to international course accreditors, so you can learn something new anytime, anywhere.

  • 100% online
  • Courses in Arabic, Kurdish and English
  • Learn something new in less than a day
  • Includes free courses
  • Earn a course certificate
  • Master skills with in-depth learning
  • Earn industry-recognised credentials at affordable prices
  • Local payment in cash accepted across the country
  • Mobile learning


Transforming Lives

  • For Learners: with access to online learning, anyone, anywhere can gain skills and transform their lives in meaningful ways.
  • For Instructors: Zaneen provides a marketplace for local instructors to make a living or add an additional income stream by offering their material online.


Iraq’s best instructors aren’t always found in classrooms.



Benefits of Zaneen


  • Personalised learning

Learners practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.


  • Trusted content

All instructors and their courses are reviewed and qualified by Zaneen before being added to the platform.


  • Tools to empower instructors

With Zaneen, instructors can identify gaps in their learners’ understanding, tailor instruction, and meet the needs of every learner.


  • Learn anything

Whether you want to develop as a professional or discover a new hobby, there's an online course for it. You can even take your learning further with online programs and diplomas.


  • Learn with experts

Enrol in internationally recognised certification from accreditors around the world.


Learn anywhere with Zaneen on IOS and Android


With the app you can:

  • See hundreds of courses, on your mobile
  • Learn on the go with this innovative app
  • Explore library of content offline anytime
  • Watch interactive video courses


How to install the app?

  1. Search for “go.learn” on your app store
  2. Install and open the go.learn app
  3. Enter the Zaneen URL www.zaneen.io
  4. Sign in with your Zaneen account credentials
  5. Start Learning!


For any additional support you may require, please contact us at support@zaneen.io

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